研究和经济办公室 & 社区发展在设计中提供领导和支持, 资助研究项目的执行和运作, technology commercialization and regional engagement and development at the University of Missouri-St. 路易. 我们提倡和支持:

  • UMSL’s world-class investigators as they build strong research programs, 寻求资金, and share results via publication 和商业化 for public benefit; 

  • 负责任的校园文化, 道德, 合规, innovation and entrepreneurship in research activities; and

  • the engagement and application of UMSL’s economic and human capital to positively impact the local and regional community and drive economic opportunity.

作为其使命的一部分, the office oversees a select group of interdisciplinary research centers on campus to leverage university resources for the benefit of students, 教职员工和整个社会.

Major operating units include 研究开发; Sponsored Projects Administration; Intellectual Property (IP) 管理 & 商业化; 研究 合规 (including 利益冲突, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Institutional Review Board); 经济 & 社区发展; the Center for Neurodynamics; the 社会创新 & 行动中心(CIAC); and the 密苏里精神健康研究所.


负责研究和经济的副校长 & 社区发展
(314) 516-5899

For scheduling and other assistance, contact Carolyn Young, Executive Assistant:
(314) 516-5899


克里斯托弗·D. 苏林是负责研究和经济的副校长 & 社区发展 and 化学教授 at the University of Missouri-St. 路易. Dr. 《足彩推荐软件app排名》得了B.Sc. (荣誉.)及Ph值.D. 拉夫堡大学(英国)学位. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University before joining the UMSL faculty in 1989. 1995年晋升为副教授,2001年晋升为教授. He served as Chair of the 部门 of 化学与生物化学 from 2004 to 2015 and Chair of the 教师 Senate and University Assembly from 2012 to 2014. 在麻省理工大学的30年里. Spilling returned briefly to the UK for a one-year sabbatical leave at Cambridge University (1996) working in association with 教授. S.V. 莱伊. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of 化学 (FRSC) and a member of both the American Chemical Society and the 美国发明家学会. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed research papers and is a named inventor on 10 issued patents and published patent applications. 他是2009年圣. 路易斯化学奖(ACS), 2009年澳门大学校长年度企业家奖, 以及2015年校长卓越服务奖. 教授. Spilling保持着一个活跃的研究项目. His current research involves the design of catalysts for asymmetric phosphonylation, 羟基膦酸盐的化学, synthesis of natural products and enzyme inhibitors with applications in the treatment of tuberculosis, 败血症和疟疾. 他是研究中心的董事会成员, Technology and Entrepreneurial Expertise (Cortex) and the Center for Emerging Technologies (CET).



研究 & 商业化的时事通讯


选择 研究Enabled.org, a new portal to connect you with industry-sponsored research opportunities across all disciplines. 只需使用您的SSO ID登录即可, claim your profile (most are pre-populated with Academic Analytics data), 必要时检查和编辑您的信息.
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每年,足彩推荐软件app排名圣路易斯市分校(University of Missouri-St. 路易斯研究和社区办公室 & 经济 Development honors outstanding faculty in the areas of research, 发明, 和商业化.    



  • 2022年:杰瑞·邓恩, clinical professor and executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Services of Greater St. 路易
  • 2021年:杰罗姆·莫里斯,E. 戴斯蒙德·李教授 Urban 教育, 部门 of Educator Preparation & 领导
  • 2020年:Brendolyn Bailey-Burch, mih高级研究员
  • 2019: Beth Huebner, p犯罪学系教授 & 刑事司法
  • 2018: David Tate,副教授,mih
  • 2017年:阿列克谢·德姆琴科,上海艺术学院策展人教授 化学与生物化学
  • 2015:莎伦·约翰逊,社会工作教授
  • 2014:罗伯特·保罗,教授 心理学
  • 2013: Matthew Hile, research 副教授, Missouri Institute of 心理健康


  • 2022:朗·丘比兹,生物系副教授
  • 2021: Michael Gearhart,社会工作学院助理教授
  • 2020年:Sharlee Climer,数学系助理教授 & 计算机科学
  • 2019年:比利·唐纳威, a哲学系助理教授
  • 2018:潘建利,北京交通大学中文系助理教授 数学与计算机科学
  • 2017年:James Shuls,助理教授, 部门 of 教育者的准备、创新和研究
  • 2014年:明迪·施泰尼格(Mindy Steiniger),北京大学中文系助理教授 生物学
  • 2013年4月注册,北京师范学院助理教授 教育


  • 2022:
    • 艾梅邓拉普, 副教授, 生物系; and Nathan Muchhala, 副教授, 生物系
  • 2021:
    • 谢伊·科克霍夫,教育学院助理教授
    • Katherine O'Daniels, assistant teaching professor, 部门 of Educator Preparation & 领导
    • Nancy Singer, associate dean and 副教授,部门 of Educator Preparation & 领导
  •  2020:
    • Keith Stine,化学系教授兼系主任 & 生物化学
    • Alexei Demchenko, 策展人杰出教授, 部门 of 化学 & 生物化学
  • 2019 (2019年新增奖项):
    • 梅琳达·比尔,性格研究中心高级研究科学家 & 公民教育
    • Marvin Berkowitz, Sanford N. 麦克唐纳品格教育特聘教授教育筹备部 & 领导


  • 2022年:菲莉亚·达文波特, 副教授, 部门 of Communication and Media; and Uma Segal, 策展人杰出教授, 社会工作学院
  • 2021年:潘建利,计算机科学系副教授
  • 2020: Carl Bassi, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching 教授essor, College of Optometry
  • 2018年:乔治·戈克尔,中国科学院杰出教授 科学部门 of 化学 & 生物化学
  • 2017年:徐智,中国科学院副教授 化学与生物化学
  • 2015:李海涛,北京师范大学,副教授 工商管理
  • 2014年:Janet Braddock-Wilking,副教授 化学与生物化学
  • 2013:王学敏,E. 戴斯蒙德·李教授 植物科学系 of 生物学


  • 2013:莫希特·帕特尔  



Selection of the "Senior 教师 Investigator of the Year" and the "Junior 教师 Investigator of the Year" awards winners is based on criteria that can include, 但不限于, the following: amount of grant funding during the previous calendar year, 上一历年供资增幅最大, the potential significance of the nominee’s research in their discipline, 研究的新颖性. 合格的候选人包括现任UMSL教职员工, 无论是终身职位还是非终身职位, who have been PI on an internal or external grant awarded in the previous calendar year.

Criteria for the "Co-Investigators of the Year" award are the same as the individual award criteria above, but eligible candidates are teams of investigators (2+ investigators) who have served as co-investigators on at least one funded research project.

Selection of the "Innovator of the Year" award winner is based on criteria that can include, 但不限于, the following: having disclosed to the University a discovery/发明 that has contributed (or has the potential to contribute) significantly to the public good, 经济, 麻省理工大学的研究经费, 区域创业, 科学和实用艺术的进步. Eligible candidates include faculty and staff with an active 发明 disclosure on file with UMSL during the previous calendar year.

Current student inventors are eligible for the "Student Innovator of the Year" based on the same criteria for the faculty innovator award.


Each winner receives $500 dollars and is recognized at the annual UMSL 研究 & 创新接待活动.


注:并非每个奖项都是每年颁发的. No awards were given in 2016 as no recognition event could be held due to budget restrictions.